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Ziv Nagari of NoizeLabs is an experienced guitar player and amp tech from New York City who has been designing, building and repairing tube guitar amplifiers for over 30 years.

At NoizeLabs we offer the following services:

    • Custom design, modification, voicing and repair of tube and vintage guitar amps
    • Effect pedals repair & modification, including WahWah tweaking for a sweeter vintage sound
    • True-Bypass effects pedal mod
    • Custom signal switching and routing boxes

We specialize in vintage Blackface Fender amp repair, Marshall amp repair, Vox amp repair, Mesa Boogie and Ampeg amp repair. We perform vacuum tube voltage biasing, modifications to vintage guitar amplifiers such as adding a tube rectifier and effect pedals repair.

    • Amp parts and tubes used are of the highest quality available
    • We offer reliable repair services at very reasonable rates, with very quick turnaround times

Some of our customers include:

Mike Moreno, Oz Noy, Ben Monder, Peter Bernstein, Nir Felder, Lage Lund, Jonathan Kreisberg, Mark Schulman, Steve Cardenas, Rick Molina, Duran Duran, Jon Herrington, Tony Sher, Ronny Drayton, Brad Shepik, Teddy Kumpel, Kenny Wessel, John Benthal and Adam Rogers.

Be sure to check out our latest amp repair projects.

To contact Ziv regarding tube amp repairs or modifications, please call (917)-757-8855 or send an email at [email protected]